Perfect business card for your business

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Perfect business card for your business

The road to success and the road to the failure are the same. It’s about the ways which decide what you are going to achieve in the end. Right strategic moves will be led you to success, and one minor mistake can stray you away from the right path. Designing the perfect business card for your business is an ultimate way for business optimization. You must be careful while deciding the right design as it is linked with networking and marketing strategies.

Here we are going to elaborate on the rank of delivery versus design and business card taboos to present an effective business card style. In this modern age, as many technological pieces of stuff has aroused but still, they are unable to lessen the importance of business card. They have transformed their appearance from paper to plastic business cards, but their purpose of gaining attention is still the same.

Your business impression

Your business card is your first impression, make it a long-lasting impact. They are an ultimate source of elevating your business credibility, certifies legitimacy, and sagacity of professionalism for your business. Professionals carry their networking tool in the pocket as a business card. Brochures, stickers label, loyalty cards, gift cards, plastic membership cards, and business card, all are building blocks of business reputation. While designing the best business, membership, and gift cards for your compelling business design enriched with latest technologies is required. We will make you aware of all the design elements and materials which should be used for printing the perfect business card for your business.

The need for a business card

People ask, do you still need a business card? We would nod, yes! You can run out of today’s modern world promotional tools such as social media or your wi-fi access. Your business card would never let you down, will always be with you as a promotional tool in your pocket. Your business card is the only thing in this world which technology has not replaced yet. It is also a symbol of class and sophistication which owners of many reputed companies adapt. The substantial first impression with no power requirement and adding the personal touch in business can only be attained with business cards. We can also call a business card, a direct marketing tool. There are many reputed printing companies in the world which have revolutionized in introducing new printing techniques. They have balanced the engaging delivery and unique design, ensuring the best marketing strategy through business cards.


Here we are going to elaborate on the essential characteristics which a perfect business card must have:

  • The ideal business card must be designed with simplicity to depict professionalism.
  • The card material must be chosen carefully. For perfect business cards for your business, select pearl, glossy, and matte surfaces. Matte and pearl surfaces will depict simplicity and tend to give a final professional shape. If you have a business having some funky touch, use glossy surface material for color pop in your business card.
  • Your perfect business card must have the perfect logo design. A business card is incomplete without an attractive logo. The color scheme must also match your business logo.
  • The orientation of a business card, whether square, rectangle, or portrait must be matched with your business branding message.
  • While designing a business card use two fonts on the business card for a distinct and influential look.
  • Sizes and dimensions must match the card orientation and fit logo on the map.

Things not to do while designing the perfect business card for your business

Here are a few things which large printing companies avoid, and we would like you not to do them:

  1. Do not go for shock value
  2. Big businesses avoid doing work with those companies who have business cards printed free or from obscure printing companies. Do not be cheap to avoid the wrong impression.
  3. Being unoriginal in the design of business card can question your business credibility.
  4. Be straightforward and avoid overcrowding your business card. Be selective about the text, fewer words delivering all the essential information.
  5. Do not laminate the business cards.

As technology has upgraded itself in almost every field, printing has also revolutionized new ways. There are water and tear-resistant materials are available to upgrade to 300gsm stock. Perfect business cards are finished with the silk coating in the shape of round and square corners. There are 0.50mm bright plastic business cards available in the market nowadays. Reputed companies call them as silk cards. The Frontline Print is an Australian printing company. This company is working from the last 35 years and have all the latest technologies to print a perfect business card. Contact us (


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