Difference between offset and digital printing

offset and digital printing

All reputed businesses use printing services to expand their business. But unfortunately, some lack of strategic moves which lead them to downfall. The main problem is that they do not know which printing services to use at which specific time. Our blog highlights the marketing strategies and different types of brand promotion printing services. Here in this article, we will highlight the difference between offset and digital printing. The main problem in lacking in business nourishment is unawareness of proper printing services. People use offset printing in place of digital publication or vice versa.

The main difference between offset and digital printing

The main difference between offset and digital printing is the volume. Digital printing used for short volume printing. The offset printing used for the large volume printing. Both of these printing services are highly beneficial for business growth. But sometimes, when businesses use digital printing for their large volume printing, it raises cost more than the profit. So, any business must keep these things in mind to generate higher profit from printing services. The sheet size and color capabilities are a visible difference in both of them. Here is the list which elaborates the difference between offset and digital printing.

Image transfer

The image transfer is different on the offset and digital printing. It is the difference which further leads to the cost difference. The offset printing is dependent on metal plates for ink transfer. It makes the offset printing time consuming and also increases the cost. Another bad thing about offset printing is it uses some sheets in the start for warmup session. The layers used in the warmup session are of no use later as they only help in spreading ink on the metal plates. The digital printing supports less time-consuming ink toner with the help of electrostatic rollers drum.

Setup time and material

The offset printing is only suitable for large volume printing as it requires a high setup time and high volume materials. Contrary to this digital printing setup time is very less. But the printing material and ink used in digital printing is expensive. And the offset printing is beneficial only when after time-consuming setup it print large volume. What’s the point of time-wasting in setting the configuration when you have to write only a small number of copies.


So according to the content mentioned above, we have to come to one conclusion. And that is volume matters a lot in understanding the difference in both. If you have to save the cost and print the larger volume businesses go for the offset printing. When companies want small volume printing, but with high quality, then digital printing is the best one.

Offset and digital printing, emerging technologies

The advancements did not stop to 3D printing. The hybrid printing, nanoscale printing, and 3D printing have raised the level of packaging and decorative design. The emerging technologies in printing are focusing on bringing innovations in 3D printing, offset, digital, and inkjet. Moreover, offset lithography and screen-print are one of the latest printing trends using UV coating.

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So, to conclude their main difference, we highlight here the three main key differences. The first one is the sheet size difference. The sheet size of digital printing is comparatively smaller than the offset printing. It is the reason that offset print is suitable for printing brochures, posters, and extensive covers. One the other hand, digital printing is useful for printing lanyards and flyers, etc.

The second key difference is the color representation; offset is best in this. Offset printing allows the Pantone ink to show its miracle, which is good for the massive brand’s promotion. The large brand’s logos highly depend on color schemes. So, in this case, offset printing is the best choice.

The third main difference is the digital printing helps in achieving the best results for the fast turn around projects. The digital print, even at small shops, delivers a project faster than a printing company.





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